Coach and Athlete Development Programme

The Leicestershire Running and Athletics Network are pleased to relaunch its COACH AND ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME. Our continuing aim will be to help develop coaches and athletes to become the best that they can. There will be a series of planned practical workshops and coach support, plus practical support and advice for those taking the CiRF or Athletics Coach qualifications. To mark this we are publishing a useful guide to targeting and running a fast 10k and announcing the latest of our popular running drills sessions on Monday 3rd July. This session will be followed up with four more sessions in the series and these are shown below:

  • Friday July 14th – Sprint Hurdles (£4, Paula Radcliffe Stadium)
  • Monday July 17th – Force Development
  • Monday 11th Sept – Running Drills #2
  • Monday 2nd October – Core Stability

Unless otherwise stated, all events will be held at English Martyrs school, Anstey Lane.

There is no charge for any of workshop if you are a CiRF/Coach L1 or above (normally £3), however you MUST book in advance to gain free access.