LRRL 2024 Race 2: Stilton 7

Another beautiful day for running. A big thank you to Katie and all her Strider team for a great race. Our results secretary is poorly at the moment, so the draft results (version 2 with 2 missing results added) are a bit more basic than usual (e.g. no age categories or County Standards). Please send any queries or corrections (that includes watch times for the people who are missing a chip time) to , but don’t expect replies to be as swift as usual. The final results will include everything that you’ve come to expect, so you’ll just have to be patient (or look up your own standard, using the tables on this website).

LRRL 2024

Fixtures 2024

Spring League:-
R1 – Kibworth 6 – Sunday 24 March 2024
R2 – Stilton 7 – Sunday 14 April 2024
R3 – West End 8 – Sunday 12 May 2024
R4 – Bosworth Half Marathon – Sunday 19 May 2024
R5 – Swithland 6 – Sunday 2 June 2024

Summer League:-
R6 – Prestwold 10k – Sunday 23 June 2024
R7 – Steve Morris 5 – Sunday 30 June 2024
R8 – Joy Cann 5 – Wednesday 7 August 2024
R9 – Rotherby 8 – Sunday 1 September 2024
R10 – Markfield 10k – Sunday 29 September 2024

Rules and Scoring Guide 2024

LRRL 2023 Race 9: Rotherby 8

A lovely day for the final dose of the unique buzz and camaraderie of the LRRL for 2023. A big thank you to Tim, Dan and the combined might of Team Anstey and the Wreakies for another great race. 

Our brilliant Results Secretary has crunched the numbers and here’s the final verdict on LRRL 2023. Well done to all of our prize winners and also to everyone who ran, organised, supported, or contributed in any way, to a fantastic year of sport and fellowship. See you all in February!

Final results of the Rotherby 8

League tables

Individual tables

Prize Winners

LRRL 2023 Race 8: Joy Cann 5

A big thank you to Jane Benson and her team of Harriers for a great race. The little tweeks to the start and finish made a big difference and there were some fantastic performances this evening.

Final results

Team tables (best 8 of 9 to count)

Individual tables (best 6 of 9 to count)

There’s still plenty to be decided in the final race at Rotherby!