Round Leicester Relay

The Round Leicester Relay, which ran until 2013, was one of the highlights of the running year. Contested over 13 legs (a mixture of road and trail, with fixed and free choice sections), roughly following the Leicester Round, it was a great showcase for the special camaraderie that we still enjoy in the county.

The picture above shows the runners lined up in Bewcastle Grove for the start of the 2010 event. You can see Race Director John Skevington describing the start, with the late Ted Toft, and Peter Osborne to his right. The evergreen Phil Critchlow is in pole position (next to Phil Makepeace of Coritanians, who went on to beat him by 4 seconds) and you can spot several others who still compete locally.

Below are the routes that were run in in the noughties:

  • Leg A (Bewcastle Grove to Ratcliffe)
  • Leg B (Ratcliffe to Ashby Folville/Gaddesby)
  • Leg C (Ashby Folville/Gaddesby to Somerby)
  • Leg D (Somerby to Loddington)
  • Leg E (Loddington to Slawston)
  • Leg F (Slawston to Foxton)
  • Leg G (Foxton to Bruntingthorpe)
  • Leg H (Bruntingthorpe to Frolesworth)
  • Leg I (Frolesworth to Burbage Common)
  • Leg J (Burbage Common to Market Bosworth)
  • Leg K (Market Bosworth to Markfield)
  • Leg L (Markfield to Beacon Hill)
  • Leg M (Beacon Hill to Finish)

Here are a few surviving results: