Chip Timing

Flexible Cost-effective Service

We offer a cost-effective chip timing service to local events. Charges are ‘per runner’ (subject to a minimum number) offering flexibility for small and medium sized races. To improve our service we have just taken delivery of a ‘state of the art’ RFID (Radio Frequency ID) system from RFID Timing Systems. This means we can offer promoters the flexibility of choosing between reusable ‘HU tags’ which are worn on the ankle or cheap disposable UHF tags that can be placed on race numbers.Reusable tag disposable tag

Achieving the Highest Read rates

Few things are more disappointing for a competitor than having no time recorded at all (or receiving only a ‘gun’ time when they started further back in the field). Early weaknesses of passive disposable tags have been addressed by improved design and the use of spacers to reduce the possibility of interference from the competitor’s body. To complement this, we use a double mat configuration with additional side antenna to maximise reads. Using this with twin tags pushes read rates to 99.95% (according to the manufacturer).

timing mat timing mat close up

In a double configuration, the timing mat gives a start width of up to 4m and its sturdy construction means it is unaffected by wind.

To learn more about our service and for a quotation for your event, please contact John Skevington (Network Coordinator)