Technique Drills

Dynamic Stretching Warm Up Drills

  • Walking knee pull up (glute activation)

Coming onto toes
Knee to chest
Foot pointing up the sky
Take a few steps in between before repeating on other leg

  • Quad Stretch dynamic Drill

Coming onto Toes
Leg pulled straight behind towards bottom
Looking straight ahead
Release then take a few steps in between before repeating on other leg

  • Dynamic Nerve stretch

Bending down
One leg bent the other straight
On the straight leg pull foot towards shin and reach down with hand and do a sweeping motion from heel to toe
Take a few steps forward and repeat on other leg
Should feel a nice nerve tingle straight down the back on the straight back leg

  • Hamstring Kick Outs

Up onto Toes
Standing leg slightly bend
Kick leg into the air and bring opposite arm to leg
Try not to twist the body or hips keep everything pointing forward
Take a few steps and then repeat on other leg

Activation Drills

  • Walking Lunges

Step forward and make sure you are in a stretched out position
Make sure front knee isn’t going over your foot
Lunge straight down using glutes to stabilise you and back up again
Push from back leg to bring legs together again
Step forward with other leg and repeat

  • Hip and Core
  • High Step with Power Drive