13 thoughts on “Virgin Money Giving London Mini-Marathon Trials”

  1. My daughter Imogen Edwards (28/8/04) U13 Girls (Nottinghamshire) would be interested in competing in the London Mini Marathon

    1. If you scroll a little further down on the home page you’ll find a link to the entry form.

      1. If a runner is 15 on London mini marathon date which age group will they be in? Noticed a 17yr can still race in u17’s so I’m unsure.

        1. U13: Born between 1 September 2003 and 24 April 2006, Must be at least 11 years old on 23 April 2017
          U15: Born between 1 September 2001 and 31 August 2003
          U17: Born between 1 September 1999 and 31 August 2001

  2. The entry list is not being updated, how can we confirm entries have been received please.?

    1. Apologies; we’ve been tied up with organising the National Primary Schools cross country. The list will be updated in the next day or two.

  3. Could someone please confirm what time the runners need to arrive at Leicester County Hall, and what time the various races are?

    (Also, whilst I’m here, the name “Thomas Baily” in the U13 boys, should be spelled “Thomas Bailey”. Not sure if this makes any difference, but I thought I’d mention it).


    1. Details have now been added and the spelling mistake corrected. Let us know if you still have any queries.

  4. Hi. I emailed and posted a form for Archie Parkinson. Have you received them as he is concerned he is not in the list. Thanks

  5. Hi,
    My daughter Hazel left a blue padded jacket and a white top next to the front door to the pavilion today. Didn’t realise until we got home. Has anyone picked them up at the end of the event? Thanks.

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