LRRL 2017 Fixtures

The LRRL race programme for 2017 has now been decided:

Winter League

Barrow 6: January 29th
Kibworth 6: February 12th
Stilton 7: February 26th
Markfield 10K: March 12th
Desford 5: March 26th

Summer League

West End 8: May 7th
Gaddesby 7: May 21st
Swithland 6: June 4th
Hungarton 7: July 5th
Joy Cann 5: August 2nd
Carl Rutt 10K: August 13th
John Fraser 10: September 3rd

The following races failed to make the cut this year but are very worthy of your support:

Bosworth HM: May 14th
Prestwold 10K: June 18th

9 thoughts on “LRRL 2017 Fixtures”

  1. much better on the fixtures front this year, as they don’t clash with any other races around that time which they did last year, also good that Markfield is later in the year towards the end of the winter league, as that should avoid the need for the cotton wool safety brigade to stop the race from happening again, so a big pat on the back from me, the only point I would make is that the season could be extended with more races thrown in, otherwise good work..

    1. Unfortunately, the large commercial and charity organisers take no account of well-established local fixtures when they set their dates.

    2. that the run for all event I keep reading about, looks as if that weekend could be busy races wise……

  2. Hi
    Can you amend the Race Diary to show Barrow’s Prestwold 10k date to Sunday June 18th and not June 25th.
    Thank you.
    Nigel Hillier
    Barrow Runners

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