County Standards

The County Stands scheme, endorsed by the Network and LRRL, has been extended to include a new band; tungsten. We have also fixed an anomaly by calculating a full set of standards for the VM75 category. We hope that by widening the scheme to cover a greater range of abilities we’ll motivate more people to improve their running. Certificates are issued on the basis of performances at 5 distances (9 for distinction*) over the course of a calendar year. To qualify, you must run your time (chip times are OK) in a recognised race with an accurately measured course# (unfortunately, this currently excludes all parkruns except Braunstone and Leicester Victoria). Standard times are those for the age you were on race day. Claims should be submitted to Dave Lodwick by the end of January each year. By opting for narrower bands than some club schemes, we hope that most people will find aiming for the next category a realistic possibility and can make it a focus for training.

Male standards by age group PDF (Male_County_Standards _by_Age_Group)
Female Standards by age group PDF (Female_County_Standards _by_Age_Group)

Male standards by distance PDF (Male_County_Standards _by_Distance)
Female standards by distance PDF (Female_County_Standards _by_Distance)

*For 2018, only 8 distances are needed for distinction. This is due to the temporary loss of the West End 8, Gaddesby 7 and Hungarton 7 from the LRRL programme.

#In general, trail races will not count because they are not accurately measured.