3 thoughts on “LRRL 2018”

  1. I wonder if the LRRL would considering moving the start time of the Summer League Races from 10.30 to 09.00. With the races starting late it is extremely hot at that time of day to race and a lot of runners including myself do not enjoy running in the heat.

    With the light mornings in the summer the road conditions are going to be alright for those travelling a distance to get to the races. So that should not be a concern on the timings.

    Starting the races would also benefit the families of runner, which would give them more time to spend together on a Sunday. We all have busy lives these days and time with the family is precious.

    I know nothing can be done this year, but hopefully this can be discussed at the next meeting in time for 2019 races.

    1. This has been discussed before and no doubt will be again. You can ask your club delegate to raise it at the next meeting. Certainly, earlier start times are used in many countries. However, the summer races, as stand alone independent events are already free to choose their start times as they wish. One consideration may be how early race organisers are able/willing to get out to put the necessary infrastructure in place.

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